The Wall Street Journal – Singapore Isn’t Kidding When It Comes to Fostering Fertility

The above is an abridged version of the article. Excerpts from the article where Love Express is mentioned:
Deon Chan, the founder of dating agency Love Express, recently received a government grant to build an app that, she said, will use artificial intelligence to suggest romantic partners for singles who attend her events. She points to statistics that show Singaporeans staying single until later in life.

At one of Love Express’s recent speed-dating events, held in a luxury hotel and advertised on a government website, a dozen men rotated between tables of women sipping mocktails, discussing careers, hobbies and whether love at first sight exists. Jessie, a 40-year-old office administrator, said that although she would like to get married and have children, there was no forcing it. “It takes two hands to clap,” she said.


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