1. Q: Do I need to pay any membership fee to sign up for your activities and events?

    A: Membership fee is free of charge as it is currently waived. Click here to sign up for free membership.
    Upon signing up for our membership, you enjoy 10% discount for dating events.

  2. Q: How is registration for events and activities done?

    A: Registration for events, T42 and movie dates can be done online via our website. Once you have sign up for our free membership online, you can log in using your email address as the USER ID. Or you can email the event or activities you are interested in to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg or call 68231232.

  3. Q: What is the user id to log on to sign up for events and activities?

    A: The log in ID is your email address.

  4. Q: What is the procedure to sign up for events and activities?

    A: There are 3 simple steps
    Step 1: Log on to www.loveexpress.com.sg as member using your email address and password. Browse our website for the events you are interested in.
    Step 2: Choose and make payment for the event online using Paypal. If you do not want to use paypal, you can choose cheque payment and we would get in touch with you for inter-bank fund transfer to DBS Current Account 033-904781-3. Or Paynow to Mobile Number 96260043. An email acknowledgement of your registration would be sent to you once payment is made.
    Step 3: An event confirmation email with participant guide would be sent to you 1-2 working days before event to inform you of event details – what to bring etc.

  5. Q Do I need to pay any membership fee to sign up for Table for Two pre-matched dates (T42) or movie pre-matched dates?

    A: T42 membership fee is $30. Movie dates packages are available from $99 onwards.

  6. Q:Is there any age limit to participate in events and activities?

    A: The minimum age limit is 20 years old.

  7. Q: What is the age profile of your members?

    A: The age profile is from early 20s to 40s.

  8. Q:What if the event is cancelled?

    A: We have proper refund policy to safeguard interest of all our customers for any event cancellation.

  9. Q:How do you ensure that the participants are genuine singles?

    A: We request NRICs for all registrants and send their NRICs for vetting against the Registrar of Marriage to ensure their single status.

  10. Q:What is the normal group size for events?

    A: The group size for events depend on the capacity. The estimated group size for each event is shown on the event description. Normal size is 24-48.

  11. Q:What to expect at the dating event?

    A: For workshop or recreational events, you would be introduced to other participants and participate in an activity together, in a mixed-gender team. The activity could be cooking, baking, amazing race, bowling game or sushi-making. Thereafter, it will be a mingling session over food or drinks. Discreet facilitation will be performed by experienced dating consultants to ensure there are good interactions among the participants. For wine and dine events, there will be rotation to promote interaction.

  12. Q: Matchmaking is popular with singles again. What are the advantages of finding love through matchmaking?

    A: Love Express organises different types of dating events – workshops, sports, recreation, nature/trekking, wine and dine. Dating events help participants to mingle and get to know to new friends and at the same time, pick up a new skill or interest. This could explain why these events are gaining popularity among Singaporeans. Furthermore, Love Express having awarded the accreditation certification under the SDNTrust mark, possess quality procedures for example, event facilitation by qualified professionals and proper refund policies. SDNTrust Accreditation Framework ceased as of 31 December 2022.

  13. Q:Three tips on how first-timers can prepare themselves mentally for a dating event?

    A: Firstly, come with an open-mind to get to know new friends. Although, it is just an event, you never know if you might meet someone that you like. If not, do not be disappointed as the people that you know at the event might introduce you to other friends. Ultimately, the purpose of attending social event would be to expand one’s network and social circle.Secondly, have fun!. I think it is important to have a mind-set to have fun at the event. As you would behave more naturally and comfortably with other participants. This helps to start small talks and conversations.

    Thirdly, keep in touch after the event. For instance, at our event, you meet someone you have some interest in. However, it is a three-hour event and you two are only able to have a short chat. Hence, a proper follow-up by you after the event to know this person better is important. It takes time for a friendship and love to be nurtured. Love Express provides free post-event follow up for all participants, as we understand the importance of follow-up. Furthermore, Love Express also sends out an email circulation to the group that attended the event so that they could keep in touch with one another after the event.

  14. Q: My company or social groups, clubs, societies and organisations would like to organise events for their employees or members, what should I do?

    A: Please email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg or call us at 68231232 if you want to organise corporate or customised events and workshops. We would revert to you within one working day.

  15.  Q: Can I use electronic payment other than paypal?
    A: Yes, you can pay Love Express using PayNow. Just scan our QR code. Or you can PayNow to mobile number +65 9626 0043 (Love Express Services).
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