Love Actually! 1 on 1 Virtual Chat With Matching

Here’s a new way for you to meet individuals of your preferred profile! You will be matched based on age and education.

 We will arrange for a 1-hr meet-up for you and your date on a private video conferencing platform.

The date will happen at 8pm on a weekday mutually agreed between you and your match. There will be a short introduction by our professional dating consultant and discreet facilitation of the date.

 Price of $49 includes $30 signup fee (non-refundable) and $19 for one date that includes pre-matching, video conferencing platform, online facilitation, and post-date matching (if there is a mutual match, contacts will be shared with both participants).

 Every additional date would require a separate top up of $29.

 What to expect:
– Pre-matching of date, online facilitation and secret admiration
 – Verification of marital status of all participants
– Online date hosted and facilitated by experienced accredited dating practitioners

For non-members, please sign up for free membership account, before registering for the event.

Email registration: You can also register for event via email to with your name, mobile number and event name.

Upon payment, please fill in the below form for matching.


Venue : ONLINE
Group Size : 1 on 1
Dress Code : Casual
Gender Balance : Yes
Event Date : 31/03/2021
Event Time : 8pm-9pm
Closing Date : 31/03/2021
Price : $ 49
* By signing up for this event, you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions