Enjoy 50% off for all events! (Promo Code SDN50) Extended to 31 Oct 2021

Spark Connections 2021 (Now On!)

Enjoy $100 credits to offset 50% cost for all events (Promo Code: SDN50)* Other than Movie Club Gold, which Promo Code is SDN100
Good news! You can enjoy 50% cost offset for all dating events using $100 electronic credits and each participant has  $100 electronic credits as a registered SDN website user. If you are already a registered SDN user, you do not need to do anything, the credits would be automatically top-up to your account. If you are not already a user, just sign up at www.sdn.sg and receive $100 credits as a registered user.

Spark Connections’ electronic credits applies for events currently published with “50% off”.

You need to be registered as an SDN website user to qualify for the $100 credits. SDN user is opened to all Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident.

If you face any problems to sign up as a user at SDN website (www.sdn.sg), please email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg or call us 68231232.

As there are limited seats for each event and our events are popular, so please register early.

Event registration procedure:

  1. Sign up as user in SDN website (www.sdn.sg) as mentioned above. If you are already a user, you DO NOT need to sign up again.
  2. Register for events online and pay 50% of the cost using promotion code “SDN50”.
  3. Alternatively, register for events by email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg mentioning the event names, your name, NRIC #, gender and mobile number. You would pay 50% of event cost to Love Express after we notify you via email of your registration and the bank account to do the fund transfer.
  4. Love Express would claim the 50% cost of the event from your SDN credits ($100 credits in total). If credits are not sufficient, we would claim the balance from you.

For example, you sign up a $49 event, you would need to pay $24.50 to Love Express. Love Express would deduct the balance from your SDN credits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 68231232 or email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg.


Spark Connections的补贴适用于”50% off” 的活动。
您需要注册成为SDN网站用户才有资格参加促销活动。 SDN用户向所有新加坡公民和新加坡永久居民开放。




  1. 如上所述,在SDN网站 (www.sdn.sg) 中以用户身份注册。如果您已经是用户,则无需再次注册。
  2. 在线注册活动,使用促销代码“SDN50”支付50%的费用。
  3. 或者,通过电子邮件向consultant@loveexpress.com.sg注册活动,提及活动名称,您的姓名,身份证号码,性别和手机号码。在我们通过您的注册电子邮件和银行账户通知您进行资金转账后,您将向Love Express支付50%的活动费用.
  4. Love Express将从您的SDN积分中获得50%的活动费用(总计100元)。如果积分额度不足,我们会向您索取余额。
    例如,您注册了$49的活动,您需要向Love Express支付$24.50。 Love Express会从您的SDN积分中扣除积分。




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