The Wall Street Journal - Singapore Isn’t Kidding When It Comes to Fostering Fertility

February 27, 2020

The above is an abridged version of the article. Excerpts from the article where Love Express is mentioned: Deon Chan, the founder of dating agency Love Express, recently received a government grant to build an app that, she said, will use artificial intelligence to suggest romantic partners for singles who attend her events. She points to statistics that show Singaporeans staying single un...



April 17, 2018

操碎心!新加坡催婚出新招:“你约会,政府买单” 中国新闻网 3-25 14:30 【操碎心!新加坡催婚出新招:“你约会,政府买单”】一份调查显示,新加坡人结婚年龄在过去30年里推迟了3-4岁,新加坡也是亚洲区域拥有最高单身率的国家之一。原因在于女性受教育程度大幅提升、职场...

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