Embark on a multi-sensory dining experience that will tantalise your taste buds and open your mind to new tastes and textures. We invite you to temporarily surrender one of your dominant senses, sight – in exchange, your other four senses to be enhanced and allow you to completely re-evaluate your perception of the world and people around you.

Event includes facilitated dinner (consist of 8 unique dishes over a 2-course meal), secret admiration and matching (if there is a mutual match, contacts will be shared with both participants).

What to expect at our event:
– Group interaction with guaranteed rotations
– Discreet facilitation, secret admiration and matching
– Verification of single status of all participants
– Group gender ratio of 40/60 to 50/50
– Event hosted and facilitated by experienced accredited dating practitioners

Spark Connections 50% discount applies. Key in promotion code SDN50 on the event signup page. For more details, click here.

For non-members, please sign up for free membership account, before registering for the event.

Email registration: You can also register for event via email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg with your name, mobile number and event name.

In view of the Novel Coronavirus, precautionary measures would be taken as follows:
(a) We will perform temperature scanning of ALL participants before the event using the infra-red thermometer.  We will advise customers who are visibly unwell to go see a doctor immediately.
(b) All participants are to sign off a health and travel declarations prior to attending any events that:
(i) they have not travelled to countries  – China*, Italy, Iran and South Korea* in the last 14 days and
(ii) they are not physically unwell. *MOH Public Health Advisory.


Venue : Bugis MRT
Group Size : 20
Dress Code : CASUAL
Gender Balance : Yes
Event Date : 15/03/2020
Event Time : 12.30 PM to 3 PM
Closing Date : 15/03/2020
Price : $ 99
* By signing up for this event, you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions