T42 membership

Join our popular T42 and be a privileged member. You will be matched based on age, ethnicity, educational level, religion, weight, height, marital status, and other important qualities that many eligible individuals look for. If a match is found for you, you may choose to accept the date at an additional cost of $99. A professional dating consultant would be onsite at the restaurant to introduce your date.

Price includes a 3-year T42 membership. Each match is an additional cost of $99, inclusive of a lunch or dinner at a restaurant chosen by us.

Please review terms and conditions for T42 membership at www.loveexpress.com.sg/t42/.

Email registration: You can also register for event via email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg with your name, mobile number and event name.


Venue : Town
Group Size : 2
Dress Code : CASUAL
Gender Balance : Yes
Event Date : 31/12/2023
Event Time : TBA
Closing Date : 31/12/2023
Price : $ 30
* By signing up for this event, you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions
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