(50% OFF) Love Actually! 1-to-1 Online Date with Matching (Extended to 31 October 2021)

Here’s a new way for you to meet individuals of your preferred profile! You will be matched based on age and education.

We will arrange for a 1-hr meet-up for you and your date on a private video conferencing platform.

The date will happen at 8pm on a weekday mutually agreed between you and your match. There will be a short introduction by our professional dating consultant and discreet facilitation of the date.

Price of $49 includes $30 signup fee (non-refundable and valid from date of sign up to 30 Apr 2022) that includes pre-matching, video conferencing platform, online facilitation, and post-date matching (if there is a mutual match, contacts will be shared with both participants).

We do not guarantee that we can arrange for the dates within any specified period of time. Should there be no matches up till Apr 2022, the match cost of $19 will be refunded.

 Every additional date would require a separate top up of $29.

 What to expect:
– Pre-matching of date, online facilitation and secret admiration
 – Verification of marital status of all participants
– Online date hosted and facilitated by experienced accredited dating practitioners

For non-members, please sign up for free membership account, before registering for the event.

Spark Connections 50% discount applies. Key in promotion code SDN50 on the event signup page. Only applicable for SDN members. For more details, click here.

Email registration: You can also register for event via email to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg with your name, mobile number and event name.

Upon payment, please fill in the below form for matching.


Venue : ONLINE
Group Size : 1 on 1
Dress Code : Casual
Gender Balance : Yes
Event Date : 31/10/2021
Event Time : 8.30 pm-9.30pm
Closing Date : 31/10/2021
Price : $ 49
* By signing up for this event, you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions