20 OCT: (50% OFF) NATURE EXPERIENCE SERIES – Hiking @Windsor Nature Park – Expanding Capacity

Located off Venus Drive at the Upper Thomson area, the 75-hectare Windsor Nature Park is a green buffer for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

You can explore new trails including the specially curated Hanguana Trail and the Drongo Trail, lined with rare native plants and sub-canopy walk where visitors can catch a glimpse of the fauna that are found under the canopy level, in addition to examining the understorey of the regenerating secondary forest.

Discover other highlights of Windsor Nature Park such as a marsh habitat and freshwater streams by hiking on the trails and boardwalks.

Price includes professional guide and refreshment.

What to expect at our event:
– Group interaction
– Discreet facilitation, secret admiration and matching
– Verification of single status of all participants
– Group gender ratio of 40/60 to 50/50
– Event hosted and facilitated by experienced accredited dating practitioners

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位于Upper Thomson地区的Venus Drive旁,占地75公顷的Windsor Nature Park自然公园是Central Catchment Nature Reserve自然保护区的绿色缓冲区。




– 保证轮换和互动
– 促进交流,秘密匹配
– 核实所有参与者的单身身份
– 团体性别比例为40/60至50/50
– 活动由经验丰富的认可的约会从业者主持>>

新加坡公民和永久居民享有50%的政府津贴。在活动注册页面上输入促销代码SDN50, 详情请查阅Spark Connections网页。


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Venue : Upp Thomson Rd (starting at Venus Drive carpark)
Group Size : 24
Dress Code : Sports
Gender Balance : Yes
Event Date : 20/10/2019
Event Time : 4 pm - 7 pm
Closing Date : 20/10/2019
Price : $ 39
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