Join us on this unique trek where we will check out interesting sights around the area of Botanic Gardens. Beautiful scenery, historical sites and some untouched places are on our list of sights to visit.

Learn more about the flora and fauna of the area as well as the history of Botanic Garden area!

Price includes: A guided trek and refreshments.

What to expect at our event:
– Group interaction
– Discreet facilitation, secret admiration and matching
– Verification of single status of all participants
– Group gender ratio of 40/60 to 50/50
– Event hosted and facilitated by experienced accredited dating practitioner


Venue : Botanic Gardens MRT Station
Group Size : 24
Dress Code : Sports Wear
Gender Balance : Yes
Event Date : 20/07/2019
Event Time : 4pm - 7pm
Closing Date : 19/07/2019
Price : $ 39
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