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Table For Two (T42) Club

It's not just an introduction. You know it in your heart whom you would like to meet. You have some pre-set criteria that you would like your future life partner to possess. The choice is in your hands.

Enjoy fuss-free dating and great companion at our Table-for-Two Club. You are pre-matched to your date in accordance to seven (7) criteria of:
- age
- height
- weight
- educational level
- religion
- marital status and 
- ethnic group

These criteria have been carefully selected by the Love Express team after consultation and research into the set of important criteria used in finding a companion.

You would meet your match one-to-one for the lunch or dinner. You would date and dine in different restaurants and cool cafes in down town districts.

The cost per date is $89 and is inclusive of matching, on-site personal introduction to your date by our dating consultant and set lunch/dinner. 

T42 dating service is an exclusive service tailored for members who prefer a more focused and specific matching approach.

What key privileges can I enjoy with Personalised Dating Service (T42)?

With Personalised Dating Service (T42), you get to enjoy the Privileges of Personalised Dating Service:
• Focused, targeted one-to-one matching
• Warm and exclusive ambience to allow you to develop your relationship
• Dedicated service of the dating consultant all the way up to on-site personal introduction to your date
• Post-date follow-up questionnaire on your date 
• Perfect service for those who are focused and confident in meeting their life goals

How Does It Work?
Membership fee for T42 club membership is charged at $30. The membership fee is non-refundable and membership has 3 YEARS expiry date. 

Upon payment of $30 membership fee, you will fill up a questionnaire via email of the demographic information about yourself and your ideal mate. Your consultant will assist to find your match based on your given criteria. When a match is found, your dedicated dating consultant will inform both of you and your matched partner via sms. If both you and your matched partner agree to meet each other, the consultant will arrange and facilitate the meeting. You then will be advised to make the payment of $89 for the T42 date which is inclusive of set lunch/dinner. (You may choose to decline a match for whatever reason; in this instance no fee is collected and T42 matching is performed again)

At the pre-arranged date, you would meet your ideal match at a café or restaurant. The dating consultant would be on-site to meet up with both of you and do an introduction and arrange for the set dinner or lunch. You will enjoy a fuss-free dinner or lunch with your ideal match and have a great time in the companionship of a new date.



How Much to Pay
Membership For T42 (One-time and valid for three years) $30
Registration Procedure:
E-mail your name, IC#, mobile # to consultant@loveexpress.com.sg. Any inquires, please e-mail consultant@loveexpress.com.sg or call 68231232.
Lunch/Dinner Date Fee  $89
Kindly note that payment of date fee is on a per date basis. You need only make payment upon a match is found and arranged.

Please click here for the Terms and conditions of the Table-For-Two club membership and declaration by member. By signing up the membership means that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions and declaration.

Please see also Dating Safety Guidelines.